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University Guidance

University GuidanceUniversity GuidanceUniversity Guidance

We'll help you continue on a path of international university learning!

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The Dextris in-house events and seminar will commence in September 2019! Happy Summer!

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Complete Placement Services

One-to-One Coaching

So much is happening in the world today but is not taught in school. Dextris fills that gap with real-world knowledge. Small sized workshops with high impact results.


One-to-One Coaching

Complete Placement Services

One-to-One Coaching

A guided journey of self exploration and understanding, using evidence-backed frameworks and tools used in the business world, now available to students!


Complete Placement Services

Complete Placement Services

Complete Placement Services

A complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals, advising the student throughout the application process, and advocating for the student. 

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Reach out to a Dextris team member to ask questions about study abroad programs, universities in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Australia. Schedule a complimentary university guidance consultation!

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