One-to-One Coaching

Build Your Personal Brand For University and Beyond

What is it?

A personalized journey of identifying areas of strength and passion.It equips students for future directions and aligns short-term tasks with long-term goals.

How does it apply to you?

Making university and degree decisions can be a daunting undertaking, causing parents and students anxious hours of deliberation. 

> How do you make sure you best choose a field that suits your strengths? 

> How do you know that the choices you are making now will be relevant in the ever-changing future?

According to the Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum, the most desired skills of 2020 will include people management, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility. The key to acquiring these skills and mastering them is the understanding of yourself those around you!

As the nature of jobs change, it will always be necessary to re-tool and re-skill, but possessing the ability to adapt, lead and proactively influence the future is even more crucial.

The solution!

A dedicated coach from Dextris will come along side your son or daughter, not only as a student but also as a future global leader. We use the Everything DiSC suite of psychometric assessments to help you identify your passions and stressors, to give you language to explain your own behaviors, and that of the people around you!

You will use this to clarify and craft a Personal Brand that will empower you to articulate your personal statement, express yourself confidently in interviews, thrive in teams and lead them and ultimately ignite a career path towards your goals.


Let's Make it Happen

The coaching journey starts with an online assessment, followed by an unpacking session, then we form a path of growth. There are assignments to work on, questions to answer and goals to reach!