Personalized and Effective Guidance

Whether a student seeks Early Advising (9th and 10th grade) or University Admissions Counseling (11th - 13th grade), Dextris offers suitable solutions the bridge the gap.

Developing a clear plan involves identifying goals and  expectations, learning from the mistakes of others, enrolling in the  correct program; ultimately gaining the most out of the university experience.  

Dextris is here to support that plan with the following  services:


  • Gifting and Passion Discovery (Psychometric assessments)
  • Future career discovery (career planning)
  • University and country exploration
  • Program and degree selection
  •  Scholarship information
  • Financial aid
  • Travel assistance
  • Visa application preparations
  • Pre-departure guidance
  • Arrival assistance (meet & greet)
  • Accommodations

The Dextris University Routes

Featured Universities


Dextris has curated a list of featured universities to give students an economic and accelerate move to an international university.

Customized Placement


Best-fit and custom planning is where the student, the family and the advisor personalize the university journey from start to finish.