Who We Serve



Whether you're aiming to start the next billion dollar company or  eradicate a life-treating disease in a part of the world dear to your  heart, one thing is for sure: starting early will always give you the  advantage!

Your university years are the most enriching and life-shaping years  so this is the one "test" you shouldn't leave to the last-minute.


As parents, we understand the  concerns (and sometimes the anxiety) of ensuring your child get the best  opportunities he or she deserves!

You've spent countless hours by their  side to ensure that they are healthy, loved, well-fed, kept warm,  protected, comforted, provided for, and growing to the fullest of their  potential.  Just as one season of life seems to wrap up, a new season  begins.

During this season, we will work with you  and your child to understand their personality, interests, aspirations,  and capabilities and align those with your vision as a parent.  Parts  of the future can be anchored in the past yet most of the future is  exploring new frontiers.

We spend time and effort getting to know  universities and colleges so when decisions need to be made we are able  to combine your desires for degree, location, costs, long-term plans,  and career goals with our expertise to reach the optimal plan for your  child.

School Counselors

Our job is to support and build upon what you have already started within your educational community.

Our role is to align ourselves with the  hours and knowledge that you have already invested into your students.   A continued partnership that provides the highest return for your  students.  We know there are many options to choose from, and going with  a trusted partner makes all the difference.